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Urban Plan Merwede

January 2020

We are proud to tell you about one of our main urban projects; Merwede!


Merwede will be a special, new city district for Utrecht where more than 12,000 people can live in a sustainable and healthy way. Characteristic of this urban area is high-quality greenery in public spaces, courtyards and on roofs. This is possible because it will be a car-free neighbourhood where pedestrians and cyclists are central. People can make use of a large selection of shared cars, shared bicycles and public transport. The Urban plan was released today for participation by the Commission.

The Urban Plan and image quality plan for Merwede is the result of intensive cooperation between eleven landowners, including the municipality of Utrecht. marco.broekman has been involved in the planning process since 2016 as leader of the design-team and has been collaborating with different advisors.


See the project page for more information.


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